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Upcoming events

    • 04 Sep 2014
    • 13:00 - 16:00
    • Friends Meeting House, Liverpool

    GACSO is working with IEMA in a transformative collaboration – to help shape the corporate sustainability agenda and to understand and respond to the needs of sustainability professionals.  Four regional workshops are now being held providing the opportunity for practitioners (outside of London) to contribute into this developing work, including --

    1.  Do members agree with the directions outlined in our White Paper.

    2.  Further development of our sustainability lexicon (definitions and agenda)

    3.  What are the key challenges and principles for Corporate Sustainability?

    4.  What will professionalisation look like for corporate sustainability?

    The workshop will be a unique chance to explore this agenda and to contribute to critical developments for the profession being taken forward by GACSO and IEMA.  It is also an opportunity to learn from leading colleagues and to help us shape our specific activity programme.

    To register your interest for this session simply email by clicking here.

    • 24 Sep 2014
    • 09:30 - 16:30
    • Cambridge City Hotel, Downing Street Cambridge, CB2 3DT

    This will be an inaugural conference for IEMA and GACSO members.  A number of leading contributors are already signed up and our event programme will be available soon.  Examples of conference sessions where speakers are confirmed include;

    •          Setting the scene for GACSO and IEMA – our challenge -  Dr Alan Knight
    •          Sustainability challenges through an economic lens – mega trends and dependencies
    •          Non-financial mandatory reporting – reaping business value from the numbers 
    •          The Social Value Act and its implications for public tenders 
    •          Developing and building the business case
    •          Commercial sustainability - increasing the top line
    •          Ecosystems approach + biodiversity offsetting
    •          Sustainable procurement

    GACSO members can register their interest in this conference to receive further details – please e-mail your interest by clicking here

    Map & Directions.

  • Understanding the CSO role entails exploring the relationships they have with other executives in the C-suite.

    What is the added perspective that a CSO needs to bring to the Board? What expectations does the Board have of the CSO?  What skills and competencies do CSO's need to be successful?

    GACSO is engaging with professional bodies to explore these questions and lead the work to develop greater understanding and insights into this dynamic.

    The aim of this first meeting in the series is to explore the potential for ICAEW and GACSO members to collaborate on a joint initiative. They will collaboratively identify key business and sustainability issues that are common to the FD's and CSO's responsibilities and then go on to define their respective roles and collaborative strategies for addressing them within their organisations.

    The PROVISIONAL date has been changed and a new date will be confirmed shortly.  (The website requires a date explaining the current setting).

    • 01 Jan 2017
    • 18:30 - 20:00
    • TBA

    Are you self-employed or considering becoming self-employed?

    We'd like to hear from you and learn about the different challenges you face working in sustainability.  In an informal brief session over a drink or two we'd like to explore the answers behind questions such as:
    • What are the main problems you face being self-employed?
    • Could a sub-group within GACSO offer you the right kind of support and what would that look like?
    • How would you prefer that group to operate; regular meetings, on-line forum, training exchange?
    • Are their specific processes, topics that you would like help with?

    Our first meeting together is simply to explore the idea and hear your thoughts. We'll be joined by freelancers who will share their experiences and Neil Harris from CISCO to give us a corporate perspective.

    Please join us on Wednesday 30th October from 6:30-8pm upstairs at  The Crown, 51 New Oxford Street, Bloomsbury, London, WC1A 1BL.

Past events

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26 Mar 2013 Bridging the Skills Gap: GACSO Members’ views on management education and skill demands of sustainability professionals
25 Mar 2013 Bridging the Skills Gap: GACSO Members’ views on management education and skill demands of sustainability professionals
19 Mar 2013 Career Choices: GACSO Member's Stories
25 Feb 2013 CSO engagement with Investors
21 Feb 2013 How will you embed sustainability at the heart of the corporate strategy?
31 Jan 2013 Who will embed sustainability at the heart of the corporate strategy?
16 Jan 2013 GACSO South West: Getting the sustainability message heard above the protection of corporate reputation
04 Dec 2012 Sustainability in the Public Sector
03 Dec 2012 Who will put sustainability at the heart of the corporate strategy?
22 Nov 2012 Career Choices: GACSO Member's Stories
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24 Oct 2012 What sustainability professionals need to make it to the top
25 Sep 2012 GACSO South West Regional Meeting No.1!
02 Jul 2012 GACSO Members' Mentoring Programmes Kick-Off
22 May 2012 Sustainability Career Paths: which way is up?
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